International - Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Does RACHIO work?


I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and i’m thinking to get a rachio for my garden. Here the temperature is measured in Celsius ad it barely rains (5-7 days a year) and the need for irrigation is HUGE.

A couple of questions i have to make sure the purchase is worth it?

Does it work 220v?
Does it measure the temperature in Celsius?
Does it see weather forecast in this part of the world?
Is the cabling standard? here are used to old style , a cable for every zone irrigation systems. nothing fancy.

Any other recommendations?

The market here is huge for that, irrigation is needed and i hope Rachio will work on those features if not ready.



Hello from Colorado! Thanks for reaching out to us.

We’ve built our unit for US electrical requirements - 120 volts / 60hz. So you would either need to have a converter that transfer the power to 220v, or source your own 220V adapter.

Sure does! You can select Metric in our App Settings.

We utilize over 50,000 stations worldwide so we should have coverage in Dubai as well. If you want to provide an address I could always find out what station we will be utilizing for you.

Solid 18 gauge multi-strand copper wiring is ideal. This typical sprinkler wire and from what you explained probably what you have. Additionally the Iro only works with AC solenoid valves, so if you do end up purchasing I would suggest checking these to be sure that they are AC and not DC. Just in case.

We are not certified outside the US and Canada though so you cannot purchase from our website. Just be aware of that.

If you have any additional questions feel free to let us know.

Thanks again Gustavo.


If you need any boots on the ground testing, I’m there!


Thanks, this is really great feedback. my address is Jumeirah Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. If you can;'t find it just put Dubai and check if something pops up.

Also, do you have any integration with Smarthubs of any kind ?


I’m thinking to buy from in case of this restriction. is there any difference? they ship to me directly or i can buy from you guys to my address in the US and then forward to Dubai. Let me know.


Thanks for sending your address, per say. I did a quick search and it looks like Al Maktoum International Airport is where we will be pulling from for you. Not exactly sure on the distance.

If you want to check out our integrations website that we show our connected home platforms.

I would suggest Amazon for sure. They will be able to ship to you.


Thanks, I just placed an order on Amazon for my Iro and i will share the results with all of you. it may be a great solution for Middle East as well.

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