Intermatic w Pump and Index Valve to Rachio 3 (again :) )

I have an old South Florida installation with pump and indexing valve and I want to install a Rachio 3.
Note that everything is indoor in my garage and I didn’t install the orignal setup.

From my undestanding it’s a 240 V setup for the pump and clock motor.
It looks to me that there’s already a pump relay ( the L1/L2/LO1/LO2 box ) in the Intermatic Box.

My idea is to keep the current pump relay and simply plug the Rachio on a 110V outlet in my garage, and plug the M and C wires directly on the current relay, removing the one that comes from the Clock Motor.

Would it be ok ? My fear is that the setup from the pump is 220V but the Rachio is 110V.

I searched on the forum but I was not able to find a similar case.

I’ve added some pictures

Thank you

@bbongiov - Short answer - NO.

You will need a pump start relay (like this → or from Lowe’s, etc.) to connect the Rachio M and C terminals to. This Pump Start Relay takes the place of the Intermatic.

Ideally, you will also eventually replace the index valve with a valve manifold to get the full benefits of Rachio.

Thank for the quick response. I’ll buy this pump start relay.

I am planning to replace the index valve also in a 2d step but it might take more time.
For now I wanted to put back the scheduling as the Intermatic clock timer broke , which triggered the upgrade to Rachio :slight_smile:
Thx again

Curious as to how far the indexing valve is from the pump and how difficult will it be to run wiring to the new manifold when you replace the indexing valve?

The main difference in the line voltage timer you have (220 v.) and the R3 is that the R3 is a low voltage control of the zones and pump whereby the 110V. supply only powers a step down transformer (24v.) thus feeding low voltage wiring to the new manifolds low voltage relays for each zone and the pump’s line voltage relay which is low voltage controlled (the Orbit Pump-Start cotrol mentioned earlier by @DLane ).

Well the valve ( in the garden ) is quite far away from the pump ( in the garage ) . I will have to run wires from the back to the front of the house. That is why I plan to do it on a second step :smile: