Interface with household water emergency shut off valve

I would to see an interface be built into Rachio to shut off the main water supply valve in the house when a water leak is detected from wireless sensors (ie. Leaking hot water tank, burst interior pipe, etc) Wi-Fi system such as Dome or Guadian for example are already in the market. Would be nice if they worked with Rachio or Rachio develop their own line of Wi-Fi valves and sensors.

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Hey @reidtrr!

Awesome suggestion! This would be really cool. Right now, we don’t work with any potable water so it’s probably not a likely interface in the near future, but I’ll share with the team for further research :slight_smile:


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Definitely in the realm of rachio’s “water saving” to have indoor sensors and valves. I’d be very interested if they branched into that market. Amazing to me that home insurances companies havent pushed for this tech or subsidized it some how. I personal know a few people have have had pipes burst in the winter time while they were away and had 70+ thousand dollars of damage in their homes… All of that could be avoid with a few leak sensors around the house and an auto shut off valve.

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Excellent to hear your team will look into. I would be happy to volunteer as a tester if you need one.

You bet! We’ll keep you posted if we move into any indoor water use products. :slight_smile:

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i think it is a good feature, although i try to understand how the house water system is build-up where this makes sense. Most US houses I have seen have a seperate line for garden and house, so leakages of potable water are not applicable, even if the water line itself has potable water. In netherlands, as most houses I have seen, almost all water is potable (except if you pump from pool). However, there also garden water is split with a one-way valve. Leakages control would not be sensed by sensors I believe… neither would you lose water, since all valves are standard closed and skip the house system.

In Canada where I live, the main water supply comes into the house and where there is a shutoff valve and then that pipe supplies both the interior and exterior water. What I would like to see is the main water supply line coming into the house where the shutoff valve is, to be automated for smart features that would shut this valve off when leak detection occurs through a wireless wi-fi sensor. These wireless water leak sensors can be placed anywhere ( hot water tank, dishwasher, washing machine or any other place that you wish to monitor) for leak detection. If water detection is found at the sensor(s) then a wireless Wi-Fi signal could be sent (via Rachio???) to the smart automated shutoff valve to close and stop any further water damage. Just Google “smart water valve shutoff” to see systems on the market for your reference. I was hoping Rachio could either make their hardware/software to interface with these existing systems on the market or Rachio develop their own smart valve and sensor systems to work with their app. I hear insurance companies are very interested and supportive to this technology for home owners.

To expensive can build my own with a Wyze cam, modify sensor and add a automated valve for $150, they want $700 - nope

Rachio doesn’t need to design it for potable water. This type of Shut Off valve / feature would be wonderful to have on the irrigation system. … since the irrigation system uses more water and takes more abuse than any other water outlet in the house… its also the Mose likely to develop a leak.

I’d be thrilled with a shut-off that only worked with the irrigation system.

That would be a hit if it could be done. An emergency water shut -off valve is a valve that cuts off the water supply to your home. When you turn the valve, you can stop the flow of water to your home and prevent big leaks from causing serious damage to your walls, floors, furniture, printed glass splashbacks and more. Smart leak/flood detectors and water-shut off valves can also be used to prevent or mitigate water damage at home, especially giving the fact that you can control and monitor these devices with a smartphone app, which will alert you if there’s a problem.