Interesting Start Times

My Front Yard Plants watered this morning, my lawn (if you look at the schedule tab) is scheduled to water after sunset tonight.
Why does the Zone view have all these errors? All lawn zones say last watered 7/20, next 7/20. Front Yard Plants apparently has a time machine, which shows the next watering occurring before the last watering.

Hmm. You can tap the day on the schedule calendar to see exactly what is going on. Try pulling the screen down to refresh. If that doesn’t help try toggling back and forward a cycle soak on one schedule settings screen to force all schedules to rebuild and see what happens. Schedules should automatically rebuild at one and twelve hours before watering. More likely than not things are fine.

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Hi @chrisandeden,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Would you mind checking to ensure that you are on the latest version of the app? Recent releases for iOS have included optimizations and improvements around the Zones tab and should hopefully resolve this issue.

You can check your app version by navigating to the More tab and selecting Account Settings, then looking at the bottom of the screen. The most recently released iOS version is 3.6.3 (1170).

Please let us know if the issue persists.

Shouldn’t finish by sunrise have as the ending time. If I have one some water it still wants to water at 130am.

I am on that build of the app (3.6.3 (1170)).
It seems that all my upcoming waterings are previewing correctly from the Zones screen after the last watering. We are currently going through a bit of a heat wave here in Fresno, and with our city’s day of the week restrictions, plus the heat, watering days are changing (more frequently) often. I don’t want to be wondering if something is actually going to start, because the information in the app is wonky.

My am waterings are start after 1207am. My pm waterings are start after sunset.

This is unsolicited but if you’d like more predictable schedule try a Flex Monthly or perhaps use a Fixed schedule or two (e.g., one for early morning and one for early afternoon watering on your allowed watering days; use your current Flex daily irrigation time as a guide). Flex Daily isn’t ideal if water restrictions are on more than 3 days. Fixed schedules have plenty of smarts too. For the rainy season, if you don’t turn off the irrigation, perhaps go back to Flex if water restrictions are lifted.

See this help page for some more information on watering restrictions and Flex:

I’ve had a Rachio for over two years, I know the benefits and restrictions on the different schedule types. The Flex daily works fine, when the app shows correctly. My issue had no connection with the type of schedule I was using, only the app behavior.


I’m very glad to hear that!

Hey @chrisandeden,

Our engineers have identified the issue and it should be fixed with our next release (3.7), which will be available in the very near future :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I can confirm to you that this is only a display issue with that one field. For assured confidence in your watering days you can always verify with your Schedules tab calendar or your Up Next feed from the dashboard!