Interesting New Flow Meter with internet controlled cutoff


A company called water hero just introduced an internet controlled flow meter that measures flow and has a controllable cutoff valve. It would be great to not only see my usage, but cut off anytime the system detects a leak. It’s web based, so integration should be fairly easy.


Really cool @control4reak! They seem young, do you know of anyone who has used the product?


I talked to the company on the phone today and their product is currently shipping but they are working on refining the user interface. This would be a great solution to kill a leaking pipe (including broken sprinkler head). They have an open API policy as well are fully web based.


Internet controlled… :’(

Do they also offer any kind of local dry contact setup?


Yes, it can be controlled locally as well.




Interesting, but it seems to be an indoor-only product. That definitely doesn’t work for my situation.


Looks cool but my irrigation meter is on the street. They need to come up with a battery operated / wifi model for irrigation purposes. I wouldn’t mind replacing a battery once a year.


It ceases to amaze me how small companies have become the real innovators in the irrigation industry.