Integration with Vera (Mi Casa Verde) Z-Wave controllers?

Any plans for integrating this with Vera (Mi Casa Verde) Z-Wave controllers like the VeraLite or Vera3, by use of a plug-in or add-on app?

Here is the Vera app marketplace:

It would be nice to be able to trigger the Rachio Iro based on the status of Z-Wave devices, for example:
“cancel the irrigation schedule if the window z-wave sensors of the house are open” or
“if the outside z-wave motion sensors detect motion, then delay irrigation schedule until motion sensors are idle” or
“start all irrigation zones closest to the house if the z-wave fire/smoke detector is triggered”

The VeraLite and Vera3 Z-Wave controllers are very popular as there is no monitoring or subscription fee. The plug-in and app marketplace has a number of 3rd party products and it would be nice to see Rachio Iro added.

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I have it in our backlog but no promises when we can get to this. It depends on resources and priorities. I want to start focusing the team on integrating with moisture sensors so this integration might be pushed down a bit. We have a fully open API using OAuth2.0 if any ambitious person wants to build the free plugin, I don’t think it would be that much work :wink:

Hope that helps!

I would encourage Rachio to create a plugin for Vera. It is the current thing preventing me from migrating to Rachio and the Vera community is large which would be an opportunity for Rachio to reach out to more home automation enthusiast. Win/Win for all involved. It would also give Rachio a better position to compete with Orbit given Lowes has incorporated it in their Iris home automation platform. Get better market penetration, incorporate with Vera. Rachio product managers should reach out to Vera PM’s and discuss the opportunities.