Integration with smart water meter

I recently acquired a second gen controller. Last month my water company upgraded my water meter to a digital “smart” meter.

I can now go online, type in my account number, and see exactly how much water I use at any given date and time. It would be wonderful if I could give my rachio access to the online system so it could use the information to understand how much water I am using for each zone. It could also detect sprinkler head breaks if the flow rate jumps consistently for a few days or something like that(I water starting at 3 am. )

The system is called aquahawk.


A lot of cities are switching to smart water meters. I think the future will be to do what you’re asking. Irrigation flow meters are great if they are installed, but everyone who uses water already has a meter. So, when the technology to communicate between smart controllers and meters happens, it will be awesome. It makes too much sense not to do it.

That Aquahawk system is very cool!

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