Integration with Home Assistant (specifically

Home Assistant is the largest Open Source home automation system in use today. They have recently released the latest development track called; designed to make it easier to create automations in a simple and intuitive way, without needing to know Linux or Python and do a bunch of command line stuff to get them to work.

It would be nice if Rachio were to build a add-on so we could set up automations or at the very least, put it all in one place. Here is a screen shot of a typical interface:

It would be so nice to have a tab next to “Rooms” that said “Rachio” even if was only to frame the app,rach,io interface!
Rachio has lots of ways already to turn off the water if something happens (rains, flow meter sensors, etc), but what about ways to turn it on? How about when a motion sensor detects an intruder it turns on the sprinkler to chase them away. Intruders don’t like getting wet I hear. And how about that neighbor’s dog that keep doing his business on your lawn! The possibilities for automation are endless.

Anyway, just a suggestion. Love the product!

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Love this idea, specifically those ideas for automation :wink:. Rachio does have an open API, so maybe one of our technically inclined power users could even start playing with this… Regardless, I will definitely log this for the team and explore their website!

McKynzee :rachio: