Integration with Eye On Water

My area uses Eye on Water with Badger meters to monitor all water consumption. It seems like it would be an awesome idea to integrate Rachio with Eye on Water’s api to get water consumption info without installing an additional flow meter.

Here’s the info on the system:

Do you have a dedicated non-potable water meter for your irrigation system? If not, and your irrigation line shares water with the house, there is almost no possible way for Rachio to discern whether someone taking a shower while the system is running should signal a high flow alarm or not. It wouldn’t know if the water was going to the landscaping or to wash clothing.

So, I would argue this would be pretty easy to figure out in any case. water usage in the house is going to be on average orders of magnitude lower than what the sprinkler system is using. I can very easily look at my usage and tell exactly when the sprinklers ran. It doesn’t have to be perfect, if it gets me 90% the way there, then it’s a heck of a lot better than the 0% I have now.