Integration of Smart Hose Sprinklers into the main Rachio Calendar

I have a Rachio 3 controller and 6 smart hose sprinklers, divided into 2 wifi hubs. Currently, the events (historical and upcoming) can only be found in the Rachio controller and each individual wifi hub.

It would be nice to be able to see all events in one place, since this is supposed to be an integrated system.

Having this on the phone app would be fine, but having it on both the phone app and the webapp would be ideal. (Included the Tempest integration)

Hopefully in the future we will see more integration. I agree with the webapp, but unfortunately Rachio is not changing much there. Out of curiosity, did you try the 6 host timers on one hub? Someone posted that they heard from Rachio support that a hub can handle 8. I think it would be interesting to hear about your set up sometime, e.g., controller for in-ground sprinklers and a hose timer on each of your raised beds (sorry, come to think of it, I just remembered that is probably your situation).

I think Rachio was making sure they worked out of the box. I ordered 1 Kit (wifi + single sprinkler) as well as 5 stand-alone. They sent me an email right before shipping saying that, although they believe one hub could support up to 8 devices, they are currently supporting only four for a positive user experience. So, I had one of the standalones upgraded to a kit. That was a preference, since I had half in the front yard and half in the back.

Yes, my controller is for the in-ground sprinklers, as well as a in-ground dripping system around the entire foundation (Texas black clay). I have 4-spout adapters on the water faucets in front and back, and I have an East and West device for the beds. The third on each hub has a hose attached without a schedule. It is much easier for my wife to click the button (for 10 minutes) than trying to open the value.