Integration IRO to zwave controller

I look for a solution to integrate my Rachio IRO comptabile a home automation controller Z-Wave protocol.

Do you have suggestions for a controller that also uses the cloud as my IRO.

Thank you!

i have yet to find anything. im currently using zway. there is domoticz but i have no idea if it is ifttt capable.

the zway will let you control stuff remotely as it sets up a reverse tunnel from the servers.

but, im a much bigger fan of zwave than i am the other technologies, just because they have already gone through a protocol and framing revision and it is backwards compatible.

oh, btw, they do not integrate very well. im currently working on an http device, but the structure of zway is not making that very useful.

I’m very curious as to why you’d want to integrate a Rachio IRO with a Z-wave controller. IRO seems to do a good job of running the sprinklers. Is it for additional control / automation, logging, notifications, workflow, or usability (one screen to go to to see everything)?

I am satisfied with the IRO extremment interface. I misspoke. I do not want to integrate. My intention is that through IFTTT I can interact between the two controllers.

I also want to have a secure cloud environment to access any location in the home automation controller (X10 Zwave and (if possible)).

I currently examining HomeTroller-SEL (Homeseer) and Zapito.

i want it for logging purposes so that i can aggregate my own data…as well as a ghetto way of homekitting a rio to run a zone on voice command as zway provides a homekit bridge.

Is IFTTT an acceptable bridge?

With SmartThings, IFTTT and Iro I can interact with z-wave (as well as many other things).

Yea I don’t use a smart things. I’m using a razberry.