Integration event - stops schedule or quick run


I have a Rachio Gen 2 installed and every time a schedule starts or I start a quick run after around 1 min 50 I get a integration event and it stops the quick run and the schedule. I have no flex schedules and only skip on rain.

It has been working fine up until a few weeks ago when this started happening.

Any ideas on what would be causing this?

If you PM me the email address used for the Rachio account I can have our engineering team review.


The team reviewed and it looks like the integration is from a key used for third party integrations, typically scripts or other one off apps. Have you built or used any scripts that required the Rachio API key?

The call being made externally is:



I did have it integrated to Control4 but have removed the integration when this started happening. Nothing else is integrated to it.

Some integration is still making that call. That call is from an external application, not our software.


I’ve just started up our sprinkler system and got the same error on 2 of 3 runs. The first run stopped after 15 mins and the 3rd run stopped after 1 hr 31 mins.

There must be a third party integration that been connected with this controller. Do you remember setting anything up?