Installing Wireless flow meter/ signal strength underground

Im getting ready to do my instal and have paired the flow meter. I have placed the flow meter inside the Backflow box to gage the signal strength with the cover on. At first it was a Excellent (7) and has since dropped down to a 6. Support people, at what point is the signal strength to weak be reliable?

I think I will leave it in there for a day to get a decent gage on actual signal strength thought out the day before actually digging a hole and buying another valve box.

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@Bytored - @johnny2678 's install is underground and right on the ragged edge of distance. It appears the signal strength can go to about -11, so I’m guessing the range is -11 to +11.

And I’m at a +5 (Excellent) for my underground install.


Right, If you’re getting positive (+) numbers, you’ll probably be ok. I’ve been sitting at -3 for quite some time and getting great readings.


Reminds me of this :wink:



Lol Franz.

What is the range of the flow meter signal strength indicator reading actually? -10 /10?

I went from 7 on initial reading to a 5 as of this morning. Still say excellent though :sunglasses:

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