Installing two 16-zone controllers for one sprinkler system


I’m trying to help my parents at their new house… they really want Rachio installed. The existing system is 30 zones on one dumb controller. It has two common wires. Can I just buy two 16-zone Rachio controllers and let each use one of the master/common wires?

Anything else I should take into consideration with a dual controller setup?

Thanks for any guidance…


I do not see an issue of one controller having one common and the other controller having the other common AS LONG AS the common is for the zone on that controller (if that makes sense). I guess the other question might be about if they have a master valve/pump or any sensors?

The other consideration that I can think of might be concerning if they have the pressure to run two zones at the same time right now without affecting coverage. If it does affect coverage, you probably will have to get creative on the schedule(s) for each controller so that they do not overlap.

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ah! I hadn’t even thought of that… the comm wires may be split. I guess worse case I could just trial and error until I figure out which stations go with which common wire.

There is a way to share common wires between controllers. This is above explaining from me today (thank God it’s Friday), but you can read through this thread.


thanks! I will read…

Thank you @tmcgahey, I thought I had seen that before, but forgot to check.