Installing Rachio 3 Model #12ZULWC

I’m trying to install the Rachio 3 Model 12ZULWC. When I try to connect the controller to WiFi, I get a message that the controller could not be found. I am almost certain that the signal strength from my WiFi access point is not an issue.

My WiFi router is a Nighthawk AC3600 tri-band router Model 7960P.

I’ve also tried to connect to my WiFi extenders which are TP-Link AC 1200 WiFi range extender Model RE350.

Looking for help!

What type of phone are you connecting with?


I used my iPhone 8… I also tried a different iPhone 8 Plus

Can you try creating a dedicated 2.4g network for the controller and see if it can connect to that? I would try to bypass the range extenders for now for simplicitly. If that doesn’t work I would reach out to to help troubleshoot the WiFi.

Thanks for your patience!


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