Installing New Gen 3 8 zone - Wifi issue - iPhone 11 iOS 13.4

Hi team,

I am having issues with my new Rachio product. I am really frustrated at this process as it’s been somewhat of a black hole in my ability to troubleshoot. I installed the controller physically, hooked it up to zones, and started the app process. when I get to Wifi it finds my network and starts the connection process. and then i get the below screen.

i tried creating a guest network with a less complicated passcode and that didn’t fix anything. no idea what to do next and close to just returning this and getting a wired one. figured i’d come here and see if anyone has had similar issue.

Thanks for help

What phone are you using to do the pairing. There is a known issue with iPhone with whatever the newest software is.

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Using IPhone 11 Pro. Can I use my iPad to circumvent the issue?

I have iPad Pro and an older Air as well.

P.S Go Ducks :wink:

Either should work. If you still have trouble, report whether the Rachio shows in your router as connected, and what router / access points you have.

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You lost all chance of me helping you…:rofl:

Like @Stewart said, I think you should be fine with either of those. Once you connect it to wifi, I believe there is a firmware update available that fixes the link between the two.

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I would expect nothing less from a filthy wildcat!! :joy:

Kidding of course!

great news, went and used iPad pro and it was super fast to set up, got all zones setup and I am off and running. the product seems really great when you get past that block. I was already frustrated as I tried an Orbitz controller and the wifi literally would not work. so add in this little wrinkle and i was downright annoyed.

i live in totally new development and thus can’t use the top-down lawn outline feature. is there resources on how much to water and how to analyze that?

Loaded question…so all your landscaping is brand new?

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Thank you @tmcgahey @Stewart for the tech support and humor!

@TheMcFam Thank you for your patience and welcome to the community!


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Yes, sod has been in about 3 weeks or so now and has been watered but not with any science applied to it. we have separate systems for lawn / plants. Plants are all on Drip and the front has standard spray irrigation while the back has rotating heads as its significantly larger.

used the app to set up the system after filling out information on zones and types and soil type. however, it just seems like lots of time to be watering i think the cumulative for 4 zones was 3 hours? with no day restrictions and the recommended settings such as finish before dawn.

Well, for reference, my well aged yard would run for 26 hours if all zones decided to fire off on the same day…:flushed:

My tree drip zones run for 3h30m, and my shrub zones run for 4, each…

But, that is because my roots are deep, and Rachio has helped promote drought tolerant plants. Newly planted items might almost benefit from staying on fixed schedules for at least a couple months as they get past the transplant shock and make themselves at home.

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May seem like a crazy question but have you checked your WiFi speed at the controller. I just installed this same controller and had not one problem. My download speed is somewhere between 25 and 30 mbps and upload speed around 15 or 20 mbps. Good luck.

I also got a “Naughty Note” regarding an iPhone 11 Max which said I also couldn’t get it to connect. I had to use an older iPad to make it work!

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After the initial pairing any phones should now be available to control or even re-add the controller.


We (me and our Android dev) are working on a smoother experience that helps provide a better experience during onboarding a controller. The “naughty note” you’re referencing was kind of a quick way to at least provide some info on the issue you might run into while working on the better solution. We’re going to be finalizing some of the implementation details early next week and then we’ll start testing. As you can imagine, we want to make sure any changes we make to the onboarding process don’t break any existing functionality.

Glad you were able to get it to work though! And hopefully the message helped to prevent you spending too much time troubleshooting.

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