Installing EveryDrop MODEL 1004-EX Flowmeter

Does anyone know the length of the section of pipe that needs to be removed to install the Flowmeter. I see in the installation that the meter section is 12.5 inches but the unions generally have a “stop” in them so the pipe won’t pass through. So cutting out 12.5 inches wouldn’t be enough. How much do I need to cut out for installation?

The flowmeter arrived in the mail today and I was able to get it installed. After carefully measuring, I determined that a 12.75 inch section needed to be removed from the current irrigation line. I was able to get it completely installed and set up in the app including the calibration. My neighbor that has a Rachio is going to install a meter now too.

BTW, the extra 0.25 inches from Rachio’s installation guide that says it is 12.5 inches is due to the “stops” in the unions which are about 1/8" on each union.