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there is 1 main irrigation company in my neighborhood. he came to give me a quote and was way over budget. i am not sure what system he wanted to install but i want someone who can install the rachio as well as all the other hardware and lay all the piping… full service. is there a better way to find someone like this other than angies list?

You can find any local lawn sprinkler irrigation company and have them do all the work except the timer install. I just went through similar process myself, and company I engaged gave me a discount to use my Rachio timer in lieu of their standard offering (Hunter/rainbird). Rachio timer Install can be done by yourself or by the irrigation company itself.

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Great advice.

Some cities used to rely on Angies list. Others use YELP or Home Advisor. Either way, you can see the ratings and measurement of satisfaction that other customers have experienced with a particular contractor.

The important thing to remember is to find someone licensed, bonded and insured as well as experienced with the Rachio system and conform to your goals of conserving water without sacrificing your landscape.

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@slah32487, I propose:

  1. Ask for an itemized quote (including cost of the controller)
  2. If you trust the installer to do a good mechanical job, then simply replace the controller with the rachio, all you need is a screwdriver.
  3. If they don’t reduce the cost for you to provide you own controller, just keep the old controller, and if you have a leak, replace the controller, the controller should not violate a warranty on the plumbing done to the sprinkler heads.

At best, they are charging you $100 for a classic controller, that should be pocket change compared to the whole install. I say, have them install it, and upgrade it yourself.

Great advice.


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I do not know where you live but you might do a search of contractors certified by The Irrigation Association. Check out this link.

Scroll to the bottom and select your state. It is a crap shoot finding a good contractor.