Installed Rachio 3 - Only 2 zones working


I replaced my old Orbit controller, but now 2 of the 4 zones are not activating: zone 3 and 4. I put my old Orbit back, and they work just fine. I verified that I don’t have the Master valve, and labeled all wiring. Still only zone 1 and zone 2 work. I then reset the controller, completely powercycled multiple times, readdes to my account after the reset. Sounds like a defective controller. Any help would be appreciated!

Can you please post a picture of your setup. Ideally before and after images would be available, but if you have a good labels that would do too.

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Here’s what it looks like.

It’s basically the same setup as with my orbit. Sounds like the faulty Rachio 3 will be going back.

I would try moving the white wire in s1 terminal to an available C terminal.


It was in the Sensor terminal in my Orbit. Just tried it for the sake of it to no avail.

Actually ig just worked!!! Weird as my white wire has always been in the sensor.