Installation Pro needed

Can anyone recommend a Rachio3 installer in Greenwich, CT? I’ve been trying to use the ‘Find a Pro’ link on the homepage but no one ever replies and now it even seems to be not working anymore as I never get beyond the part where you put in your zip and what you need. Just need a recommendation of a good electrician who knows the system and can install it. Appreciate your help

Calling @dane

Hi @aloha,

I’m sorry to say that we do not have any Certified Rachio Pros in your area.

I can tell you that installing DIY is usually pretty easy and takes about 30 minutes. If you’re replacing an old controller, you could post a picture of the old controller and I could give you some advice.

I would also encourage you to review our installation video to see how easy it can be to install

Hi Dane,

we now found a local electrician who connected the system.

However, something strange occurred. According to the app, we did not use any water since instillation on Friday as it was mostly raining. BUT our general water control (Flo by Moen) which is attached to the water mains shut off all water last night as it expected a leak. It turned out that the sprinkler had pumped out 700 gallon over three days without (a) us realizing; and (b) the app still saying zero water usage.

Any idea what happened here?