Installation price? Am I being had?

Bought a new home with an existing sprinkler. I want to modernize the sprinkler so I’m looking to replace the existing head unit with a Rachio 3 and install a new Flowmeter.

I’m super technical but I don’t have time for this stuff and I’ve no idea what it should cost for someone else to put this in.

The quote I got was for about $2700, including the parts and labor.

Parts = Rachio ($250) + FlowMec QS200 ($420)

I suppose that means labor is about 2k.

That sounds insanely high to me. Can I get some rough estimates, based on experience, for how hard it is to install this stuff and what it should cost?

That sounds high to me. How big is your yard? What are they doing besides installing? Are they programming or and coming back to make sure it was programed right? It took me a little over an hour to get my Rachio 3 up and running, but it shouldn’t have even taken that long (I was constantly being interrupted).

Lot is 12k sf. With a sizable portion as a waterable yard. However, the price isn’t just for the Rachio. It is also for the installation of the FlowMec Water Meter, which I assume is harder (cutting pipe and so forth). Still seems high to me even then. Just want to be clear that it isn’t just the control head unit.

Especially if it those two things, Racho & FlowMec, then it does seem high to me. If I were you and not doing the work myself, I would get at least another bid.

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