Installation of Prior Wired Rain Sensor

Hi I’m upgrading from an old rainbird controller box to Rachio. Installation pretty straight forward however I’m a little stumped on the wireless rain sensor. I’ve included a picture from my old box. There is a light blue and green wire. Do I wire to S1/S2 or S1/24V -?

@kevdog - If it is a WIRED sensor then S1/24V-

WIRELESS sensors typically have four wires.

Thanks for your help – I’m pretty sure I don’t have a wireless sensor however I was confused if there two sensors present. Assuming there is only one sensor, does it matter which wire goes to S1 or 24V-? I’m using Rachio 3 controller box.

@kevdog - no it does not matter which wire goes to the S1 or 24V- on a wired rain sensor.