Install issues - multiple zones fail, mixed zone type


Having 2 issues installing our Iro.

  1. We have 5 zones. Zones 4 and 5 will not run. I have attempted to triage By moving to known working zone 1 & 2, but they fail there as well (while 1&2 then work in 4&5, confirming it’s not the terminals). Status light illuminates as blue, no weird blinking or short run time on the app, just nothing happens. We are in a brand new construction house, so I doubt the wiring is bad. I’d like to say that I tested and they worked fine on the original controller, but we didn’t really know how to use it and just installed Iro straight away. At this point i’m going to try to reconnect the old controller to see if they work unless anyone has a better idea?

  2. Zone 1 is mixed between “drip” lines, and 2 small trees with “fixed” heads. Iro doesn’t seem to support any sort of mixed heads within zone, how should we configure this zone?

Thanks for the help!


@sqweak‌ Can you send an email to We will get you up and running in no time. We have some on-site wiring professionals. Thanks!

@franz‌ done, thanks!