Install complete, but no water flowing

Hi all, my first post. I have a Rachio 3 and it’s installed and wifi connected. That took me quite a while to get going, but ended up using a tablet as opposed to my mobile. Unfortunately, no water is flowing on any zone. Of the wires on my old Hunter SRC Plus, I moved over the zone 1-5 wires and Common. The remote, rain sensor, and power brick I left off. What am I missing here? Also, I am on well water and have tried it with that setting both on and off. Thanks!

Also, I’ve manually run a zone by manually opening a valve outside and that works fine.

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I think your true common was the white wire next to the yellow. It looks to be disconnected on the second picture.

Yellow and Purple wires appear to be your rain sensor. Unit should work with them disconnected and/or connected to S1 and 24V- terminals to use as a rain sensor via Rachio.

P.S. Connect the white wire, currently disconnected on the second picture, to any of the C terminals and try again.


Yeah I’d work in tracing some wires…

This did the trick! I’m surprised the wire connected to C wasn’t actually C. How’d you know?

Spent enough time on the forums :wink:

Older controllers like Hunter SRC used RS terminal as a “Rain Sense” input. When rain sensor is dry, RS terminal is shorted to the C terminal, thus anything connected to it may as well be connected to C. Newer controllers, like rachio, take a different approach to the way rain sensor is monitored.

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