Inserting thin sensor wires Rachio 2

I am trying to attach a rain/freeze sensor but the very thin wires on the sensor will not go into the Rachio terminal connections - they just bend. What is the secret technique please?

I tried using a needle to help guide a wire but that did not work and the needle became stuck fast. I did get the needle out by wiggling and rotating it (see below) but how do you ‘release’ a wire once inserted? There must be a quick release for example if someone were moving and wanted to take it with them they would need to be able to extract the wires - but I cannot see it.

While trying to remove the needle, the button popped out of the SC and the metal connector is off to one side. Nothing will now grip in that slot so I assume its broken. Please confirm that I can use another ‘common’ terminal for the Sensor Common? Hopefully they are all just common “ground”.

Thank you

I believe the commons are all common.

I do t know the gen 2 to say if the terminals have a release button, on the gen 1 it is above the terminal.

To use the thin wire, can you strip it back further and fold it back on itself to make it thicker in the termina area?