Initial WIFI Blink up - IOS 8.4 / Iphone 6+ Not working!


I purchased this product today at Home Depot.
I plugged in the unit, and tried to Blink up the device. The issue is,
When I plug in the device the WIFI light blinks orange about 5 seconds, then immediatly red. I have still walked through the initial process several times, and have tried several devices (ipad, android) to program the Rachio IRO. Nothing is working and I am super frustrated!


Please contact [] and they will get you setup or if the unit is defective get you a new one.

If it is too late they will be sure to contact you in the morning.

Thanks and have a great night!


It didn’t work for me either with my iPhone 6+ (with screen protector on it). I switched to my iPad Air with success. Still spent two hours trying to figure it out and/or trying to reset it back to factory defaults (unable to do that unless it has actually been added to your account/successfully connected). It is working great now though.

@Bsheppeard, I’m sorry to hear blinkup didn’t work for you on your iPhone 6 …just curious, which version of the app were you using?

@bmillz, thanks for reaching out to support. How has your Iro been working for you?

Best, Emil

@Emil I downloaded and installed the app on Saturday. So I believe it is the most recent version (haven’t seen any app updates since I donloaded it).

Brett Sheppeard

@Bsheppeard, do you recall if you were performing blinkup indoors or outdoors? What type of screen protector do you have?