Initial problems solved, everything working well, now to fine tune!

Hi everyone. My sprinkler system has not been working since February. We had some really heavy rains but the last month or so it has been dry and the grass is turning brown. I finally set about fixing the sprinkler system with a new Iro. I just got my Iro working but let me share some of the problems that may be of help to others:

1, The previous owner of the house has a HAI OmniPro automation system and the sprinklers were run through this. Of course, it was a dumb timer and I wanted the system to be smart and check with the weather. When I looked at the system it seemed to have 9 zones so I bought the 16 valve control box. Later on I found out that there are only 8 zones and the 9th was a replacement for one that was no longer working. In the future I may add some drip watering for pots but for now I have 8 zones too many so spent $96 more than I needed to on the Iro (8 is currently on sale on Amazon).

2, The Iro set up and was connected and visible but would not switch the valves - the blue status LED never lit. Also, any changes made in the app would not save but there were no errors or warnings. Finally I found a post here that said to delete the Iro and re-install. Everything worked perfectly from there.

3, I have no idea on my soil type. I did some googling and found the National Resource Conservation Service as part of the USDA. They have maps and databases of soil types. Perhaps this is something that the system can reference as part of the setup to give a sensible default value? Apparently I have Norwood Silty Clay Loam! Literally just south of me (my neighbour) has Asa fine sandy loam. Great data available with Google maps or earth.

4, The initial setup had my watering 8 zones taking over 6 hours. This seems to be very long - far too long. I set the watering to minimums to try and manage the total water. We’ll see how that pans out. I have some cameras that cover the yard so may set them to take pictures at the same time every day to compare.

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Thanks for the rundown, I’m sure this will be helpful for future users. Let us know how things go, we love to get feedback, good or otherwise.