Initial installation of wifi

I just replaced an old Hunter 9 zone controller with a Rachio 12 zone model from CostCo and was stuck connecting Wi-Fi. I kept getting the Oops screen in the App. I have a mesh router and moved the 2nd mesh unit into the garage to boost the signal, thinking it was weak.
I rarely have to enter my router password and thought I remembered it, but I must have changed it somewhere along the way after I wrote it down last.
After checking signal strength at the unit, I started trying different PW permutations and after about 12 tries at it (also router moves) I finally got it working. It is 100% my fault, but I would suggest some error checking in the App that would tell users their PW was not correct.
Maybe a better description in that Oops screen to verify your Wi-Fi password by connecting some other device to the Wi-Fi.

My old Hunter manual control had me schedule 3 days a week at about 6 minutes per 9 zones split into 2 events. I hope the new Rachio will save me some water.