Information About Drip line Setting

I am considering retrofitting a zone with Netafim Techline .6 GPH with 12 inch spacing between inline emitters. How is a drip zone set up in the app? All I see is “drip line.” What is the default output? How do i customize the drip line? I am very glad Rachio has added a drip setting.

Drip line default is .5 inches per hour. To customize go to advanced settings and you can adjust from there.


My drippers and emitters are rated in gallons per hour. How do I convert this or is there a setting where this can be changed?

You need to change the flow to gallons per hour. All drip irrigation is expressed in GPH. And there must be also spacing between rows and inline emitter spacing. Go to Netafim drip calculations and you can just plug in the formulas. There is nothing proprietary about drip calculations. What you have is inadequate for correct programming.

Please show us where and what manufacturer specifies drip irrigation with inches per hour. Please invest in the user experience here and provide a setting which matches the industry.

I agree totally with Rick B. The three major drip manufacturers are Netafim, Rain Bird and Toro. Look at their product specifications. All are gallons per hour. All Rachio needs to do is convert to gallons per hour and add emitter spacing or emitters per plant.