Industry Leading Support!

I have worked in the corporate world for a long time and have been responsible to start new business lines. Every company “dreams” of providing excellent support to set them apart but only a handful can actually do it due to budget, staffing, revenue, profit and other real-world issues.

Rachio has actually made it happen, similar to the likes of Apple (or probably even better)! Assisting customers within hours by actually checking real data, code fixes overnight, etc is unheard of! I have opened a couple of forum requests since I got the Rachio 3 a few weeks ago and they all have been responded to and solved within hours. Please keep up the good work! I have recommended Rachio to at least 3 other people since.

Most times people (including me) only post something on the forum when there is an issue and I wanted to take some time to give some kudos to Rachio. I am in no way related to Rachio, heard about Rachio a couple of months ago when I was in the market to buy a smart irrigation controller and bought my first Rachio3 a few weeks ago. I only wish that support from other companies that I deal with would be half of what Rachio does!


I agree…great staff who not only listen, they actually care!