Index valve 120v Intematic

Hello, I hope someone can help me get my Rachio up and running. I have an intermatic 120v connected to a 120v motor pump indexing 3 zones

I know it’s a long thread, but you’ll find most of the answers here:

If you you get lost in the woods, ask there or here and we’ll help you out.

Thank you, that thread was very informative. I just want to make sure, I need to buy a pump relay because the Rachio does not capable of powering the pump ? Before the intermatic was the only thing between my electrical and pump.

Here are some pictures of my setup. I used two wires to power up the outdoor enclosure and I am left with two wires to power up the pump.

Are you sure that the wires have 120 V? Please make sure it is not 240.
As far as the relay, yes you will need it. Rachio is a low voltage (24v) device.

This is the old timer info and it says 120

You are pretty lucky, or could have been if you had not already removed the old setup.
Your old timer seems to have the 24v relay you need, just with an extra timer you no longer do.
You can remove the timer part and keep the relay in order to drive the pump without additional purchase.

Lol if only I was so lucky, I think I have the cover of a different timer then the one installed because I took the timer apart and do not find a relay. I will assume that the pump relay I need works with the 240?