Increase watering specific months

Hi all,

Been using my Rachio for 4 years. Every July and august it seems like it’s getting behind. Don’t just want to blatantly increase watering for spring and fall. But the lawn seems to get quite behind those 2 months.

Using flex daily. I assume if I just added some fixed times it would throw off the % for the flex.

If I increase the water needed in each zone across it would overwater specifically in the fall.

Any ideas?


Yes, adding any fixed schedules will add to the moisture levels of flex daily and will further push things out.

Easiest way would be to adjust the crop coefficients up 10 points or so. This would require some maintenance in the winter months to bring it back down, but in real world, crop coefficents to change throughout the year…

If you haven’t already, you could try the dynamic crop coefficients. They will adjust periodically throughout the year allowing for a bit more watering in the summer months. I will say, that in AZ, I didn’t find that the crop coefficients that it was offering to be to my liking, but in a slightly more mild climate, I could see it working well.

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