Incorrect Usage Data


Since the recent update and addition of Usage, my usage data is nowhere close to being accurate. It was working fine before the update but now it is crazy high.

I am only running a single zone right now which waters only my shrubs yet it is showing approximately 10,000 gallons usage for just 4 minutes of running. Considering it is fed by a 1" PVC pipe, this is basically impossible.

Any ideas?

I have a Toro TFS-100 if that matters.

Thank you.



I have the same problem. I was shocked to see my usage data and thought we might have a major leak. Hence, I tested zone by zone in a couple of zones with and without Toro Flow meter. The numbers are obviously large with the Toro Flow meter. I have the TFS-075. For example, I have two popup to water 2 circles of grass in one zone. One is radius of 7 ft and another is a radius of 4 ft. It says it has taken 30 gallons to water for one minute.

Hence, something appears to be broken with Toro integration with the new release. I hope Rachio fixes it soon. I really wish I could see zone by zone data especially when I dont have two zones running in parallel.


@sdgarden @Mission2000

I’m going to have the flow engineering team review this tomorrow. Will get back to you with more information.



@sdgarden @Mission2000

We believe this is a firmware issue. @Devin is working on a fix and we will send out to your controllers as soon as we are finished. Thank you for reporting this!



@sdgarden @Mission2000

The firmware patch has been sent out to your controllers, please let us know if you have any other issues.

The firmware version should be iro2-firmware-5-95

To find the firmware version navigate More --> Controller Settings --> Technical Info.



That appears to have fixed it. My usage for a 4 minute runtime went from 21,000 gallons to 24.

Thanks for fixing this and for doing it so quickly.






Wow. I am amazed and very happy with the immediate response and the quick handling of the issue. Kudos to Franz and the Rachio team. I tested the same grass circle for 1 minute again just now with TF-075 flow meter and Rachio says it watered 3 gallons which seems right.

Again, thanks for the excellent service from the Rachio team.