Incorrect Reporting in "Water Used"

I connected and configured my Rachio yesterday. I only ran through the zone setup and did not water any further. This morning while browsing the interface, I noticed that under “Water Used” the Rachio is reporting that I used 197 gallons of water. Now, if memory serves me correctly, when setting the zones I noticed that the controller set a 3 minute manual schedule so I could select soil, sprinkler head, etc… Is there a way to reset this reported amount as if the controller continues to report 197 gallons, it will throw off all other reporting?

So an update: as I was typing this post support emailed me and stated that per the usage on each of my zones, the 197 gallon estimate is probably correct. Thank you for the quick reply. My next question; when will flow sensors be incorporated into the controller? Also, can you add a section under each zone that provides how much water each zone is utilizing?

The current controller does not have the ability to measure flow.

Great point, will make sure product team gets this suggestion.


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Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll see how we might be to incorporate this.

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im chomping at the bit for this one, BIG TIME. i would rather have this before i get moisture sensor support. the flow valve has the potential to save far more money in a failure scenario…

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Good point @plainsane. By moisture sensor support, I assume you were referring to wireless soil moisture sensors?


this just provides SUCH a powerful fail safe to the system. not to mention i want a second opinion on the water i have used for the billing cycle.

@explorer364 (and for future reference for anyone with this concern), please reference this support article to better understand how we calculate water usage.

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns we can help with.

Best, Emil