Incorrect Rain Info

I just got a Rain Skip for the second time in a week that shows we are having 10.4" of rain! We haven’t had rain in months. What is going on? My Rachio is set for the correct zipcode.

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Are you using a selected personal weather station?


I am not. Rachio has worked great for almost two years - until now.

I had the team review your account and it look like you are using a national station about 17 miles away. It might be helpful to choose a PWS that is much closer. I can have the team relay the erroneous national station data to our weather provider.


I am seeing the same problem. I first received a “saturation skip” notice then a “rain skip” notice, and nothing has changed on my account or configuration in quite some time.

Based on Franz’s response I checked the weather station to which I’m linked, and it appears to be working normally. There’s a closer station but it has a warning that there’s no precipitation data, even though the fields are there when I drill down to that station. (I’m in Southern California. We haven’t had rain in ages, and with one exception perhaps 6 weeks ago I don’t think we’ve had any since April.)

Edited to add: these are National stations - not PWSes.

Edited again to add: the rain notice says there is 6.40" observed rain, none predicted. That’s most of an average year’s rain for my location so something seems wrong with the polled data.

Edited yet again: Apparently this is local. I just noticed Franz’s reply that the member is set to the same station as I am, and the alternate - KSNA - also shows no precipitation data on his system.

Franz, did something change on Rachio’s side?


I am having the same problem! My weather station is the closest one (KSLI), but when I dug into their log it looks like it is populated with bad data. It is showing .80” per hour for several hours at a time over the last few days. If our systems are relying on the weather stations, they need to have better data control. There should also be some way for unusual weather patterns (such as this data) to trigger a notification for Rachio to address. Then they can alert Weather Underground of a possible weather station or data malfunction.