Inconsistencies between browser and android apps need fixing

I’m absolutely loving my nearly one month old Rachio the arrival of which has coincided with the first consecutive 5 day period in UK memory with temperatures over 30C so it’s been working hard!
…but. The apps are driving me crazy (see my other posts). I really think the development team need to sit down and go through them in detail and sort out the problems. The apps are the shop window for the product and all these niggling problems, while rarely affecting the underlying working of the product, just grind away at its overall credibility and drive me mental.
Here’s the latest. On the PC when I click on today’s date (21 June) on the calendar I get

Then when I click on the date in the matrix I get

The date is wrong and it doesn’t show the scheduled lawn flex watering. If it is really showing data from the 20th then it’s not showing the lawn waterings that took place on the 20th.
On the Android app I get

Which looks correct!

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And here’s another one. It’s 30 June and the zones included in the “All lawns” flex schedule are all showing a Will Water date of July 1 in the My Yard panels. Yet in the Watering schedule calendar on the browser no green appears in the rain drop for July 1 (see below) nor does the flex schedule appear in the watering list if you click on July 1.

On the Android app on the other hand:

There is a “split raindrop” on July 1 and drilling down shows the full flex watering schedule.