Inactive flow: what is the status?

It’s not clear to me how the “inactive flow” (flow when all valves are closed) warning from the WFM works. I’m seeing mention of this feature in precious few threads, and from them it isn’t clear.

Basically, I’d like the WFM to monitor for inactive flow on a more or less continuous basis. Ideally, sampled every x minutes, with x configurable. Is this possible?

I do not currently own a Rachio and probably won’t until this feature appears. I’m looking to catch a pipe break more than merely a stuck open valve at the end of a scheduled/manual watering.

Thanks, Doug


Not really. We watch for “ghost” flow about 5 minutes after the schedule runs watching for slow leaks and leaky valves. Due to battery life we don’t continuously poll throughout the day.

We don’t have the capability at the moment to capture a random pipe break at “off” scheduled times.

Hope this helps.


Something like Phyn ( would do this for you. I just bought one. Not cheap, but will catch broken pipes and other leaks for the whole house.