Inactive Flow Check enhancements

The new feature that detects flow when there is no manual or scheduled run is a great addition to the functionality of the Rachio3 & Flow Sensor.

I believe a simple enhancement would add tremendous value to that feature. Currently my schedule runs every 3 days, so the Inactive Flow Check will only alert on a potential leak/issue up to 3 days after the issue begins - could be a huge amount of water wasted in that time.

To get around this, I’ve created a schedule for one of my zones to run every 4 hours for 1 minute, which will now alert me to a leak/issue at most after 4 hours - also a waste of water and not great for the shrubs.

Could Rachio add a feature to check for Inactive Flow on a schedule outside of a scheduled or manual run? Ideally we could choose to have the check run at least every 4 hours, which will protect us from wasted water in the event of a valve or pipe break.



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@jwelch649 love the ingenuity and appreciate the post!

We are currently building out a 2019 Flow road map and this upgrade for Inactive Flow check is being discussed.


Could you elaborate a little more on the work around to detect a leak. I had a main line break between the flow meter and the valve box and lost 7000 gallons over 4 hours when I was away, plus it flooded my basement. I do have an unused zone and would like directions for the best way to set up the controller to notify me of leaks. Also, will the solution affect battery life?


I would love to see Rachio implement this change option. its nice that my Rachio3 and flow meter detects water flow right after a zone has run which would indicate a possible valve malfunction.

I have two hose bibs downstream from my flowmeter and travel quite frequently. It would be nice to know if one of my hoses sprang a leak while I was gone and notified me so I could contact a neighbor to shut off my water supply and possible fix the problem before loosing $$$$ worth of water.


I’m assuming with dropping of production of the WFM that this feature was never implemented. It would be a nice product improvement for those of us still using the WFM. No chance that product is going to be re-instated, I guess?