Inaccurate Weather

Hello again,

I am very new to the whole sprinkler world and am trying to set up weather info. I created a schedule and my Rachio 3 weather intelligence shows absolutely no chance of rain for the entire week. Now I understand that weather is unpredictable and I have 3 weather apps that give me 3 different (% p.o.p.) but they all show chances of rain. I started my schedule on a newly seeded bare soil lawn, all weather apps were calling for chance of rain (except Rachio) and during my watering schedule, it started to rain. Rain sensor activated and sprinklers stopped. Even during the rainfall, Rachio was still showing 0% p.o.p. It has now rained for 2 days straight and still Rachio shows 0%. The forecast on all apps is calling for rain on Sunday but Rachio is not. I’ve tried PWS and still 0%. Am I missing something?

In order to answer that question I would need to know what is your rain skip set to? Where are you located? And are you using a PWS or Weather Plus? If you are using a PWS what is its name?

I am using Weather Plus and my rain skip is set to 3.2mm. I am located in New Tecumseth Ontario Canada.

@Corrado It looks like the problem may be with the precipitation data reported by Weather Undergound. As you can see from the screen print below, Weather Underground shows no precipitation for the month of September for New Tecumseh. There was a thread here a week or two ago about problems with the reports from Weather Undergound for Canadian stations.

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So does Rachio only pull data from WU? I thought they pulled data from multiple sources, or are they just relying on WU to pull that data? As of yesterday, on the Rachio app, the forecast for Sunday was showing no rain but this morning that has now changed and matches the screenshot you provided. Do I simply keep my current settings the way they are or would you recommend using a PWS. On that note, when I switched over to PWS, I went through a number of them closest to my location, just to see what the difference was, but none of them showed any p.o.p.
I apologize for any inconvenience but I do appreciate your assistance.

@Corrado No inconvenience at all! My understanding from other threads here is that Rachio pulls its data only from WU. All I can tell you is that other Canadians have reported problems with the accuracy of WU. Perhaps it is worth contacting Rachio support with your question. I think others have purchased their own weather stations and linked them to WU so they can control the precipitation data. If you want to go that route I would search here and on the Rachio support site for instructions on how to do that.

Thanks for all your help.