Inaccurate Weather Readings

New user and first time poster.

I just installed the Rachio 3 and it went off for the first time yesterday morning as scheduled.

We have a cold front coming through Florida which typically brings rain. Last night, the chance of rain was in the 80%. When I looked at the weather in the Rachio map, it only read 15% chance of rain
. I tried to switch it to a specific station less than 1 mile from me and it still read 15%.

After waking up this morning, my weather station out back (not connected to the internet) showed .45" of rain. I checked back on the Rachio weather and it showed 0" of rain for both yesterday and today’s date. The soil moisture level is showing over 100% (for some zones) which is higher than before the rain… So something registered it.

I feel that it wouldn’t have gone off yesterday had known it was going to rain.

Any ideas?

My current zip code is 33913.
Rain skip is set to .125"
I’m using weather network and flex daily.
Due to restrictions, I have the schedule set to water Thursdays and Sundays.

Start with using Flex Monthly first, fix your days in your schedule as you need and let Rachio gets some data for six weeks or longer.

I usually, start with the existing program from your old controller, then let Rachio select and I modify or adjust it so it’s within some type of parameter’s ( and reason).

Good sign is that it did account for the .45 in of water or some amount…

Double check the PWS and it’s history to make sure they’re registering correctly. You can compare it to others in the area as well.


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Thanks for the reply!

I deleted the schedule and changed to flex monthly. When I changed this setting, I entered in Thursday & Sunday for the days to water. The calander is showing it will only be watering on Thursdays. I deleted and re-created the schedule with the same results. That doesn’t seem right.

It changed zones 1&2 to water for 10 minutes and 3&4 to 20 minutes. I changed them all to 12 minutes as that’s how I had it set up with my old controller. Rachio will change this if needed, right?


Rachio is forecasting based on an historical algorithm.

You could have just disabled the Flex Daily schedule…I enjoy looking at Rachio selections and comparing them later with my scheduling, field observation and soil moisture tests…so that I can tighten parameters and save water and make Rachio more effective and spot on when its in Flex Daily.

The 4 Zones you have are similar turf areas?
If so you can see how Rachio interprets things which is why I start with this method. If they are similar areas … again my reasoning to reign in the rogue selections of 50% more water.

Please check all your Zone settings and edit it according to Plant Material, Soil Type, Sprinkler Type , etc.

Also, check the weather station your Rachio is pulling data from. It probably changed from your PWS. You can still change it, however as I mentioned you need to verify that PWS was reporting correctly.

Thanks again

The turf is all the same throughout…St. Agustine.
Zone 3 and 4 are slightly on a slope and quite large which may be why it’s watering longer. It’ll be interesting to see if it bumps up the watering time.

My PWS doesn’t have internet, so Rachio is unable to connect. I just use it for reference and personal. I choose a weather station less than a mile away and everything is lining up with what mine is reading.

In 6 weeks or so would you recommend I change back to flex daily?

Not really. Flex Monthly can come up with decent times if you set your zones correctly AND you know your actual flow of water in inches per hour for each zone. Other than that, you’ll be guessing for a while. Flex Monthly WILL adjust your time each month, based on historic conditions.

Flex Daily can’t really work when watering only 2 days a week. Best to stick with Flex Monthly.



We are on the West Coast and I’m guessing your St Augustine is dormant for the Winter.

Flex daily can work with any days or requirements that your Water District requires. Most Water districts will work with their customers if they need to go outside the mandatory guidelines. Having relationships with Water Districts, working with several, customers are often on budgeting requirements , under or over or days of the week, where I’ll have to address those issues on a property by property basis. Having an ET based EPA Water Sense approved controller usually falls within the guidelines to make adjustments in regards to their ordinances, and usually I just make a phone call for my approvals on said properties.

I doubt you’ll have an issues of fitting your Zones into the the requirement… Do you only have 4 Zones?

If you have an issue Contact : Jim Harmon at (561) 682-6777 to learn more about the alternative irrigation schedule request and approval process

I believe you can PM me here , to discuss anything further.
Thank you.

Thank you
I don’t know my water flow amount, but I can get water catchers to find out.

I only have 4 zones, two of which a fairly large.

Zone 1 has approximately 16 sprinklers
Zone 2 has approximately 11 or so sprinklers for the perimeter of the home.
Zone 3 has 4
Zone 4 has 4