Inaccurate Precipitation Total with Weather Network

Using Rachio3 on two zones. The Weather Network data incorrectly records 0 actual precipitation today when closest PWS shows the nearly 1" we received. When I switch the controller to KORBEND219, it records the correct precipitation and adjusts the watering schedule correctly. The forecasted temperature using either data source, however, is also off by 5-7 degrees for the next week. The controller with Weather Network selected seems set to have run my sprinklers tomorrow morning after updating 12 hours before the scheduled time because of the incorrect precipitation total despite the heavy rainfall (for this area).

Is this behavior expected? Am I missing something? Can I trust the controller using Weather Network to record the actual precipitation totals 1 hour before the planned start tomorrow morning? I bought the controller to avoid this exact outcome and now find myself having to manually jump between settings to account for actual rainfall while also trying to figure out how to compensate for bad temperature data affecting the evapotranspiration calculation.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge will respond to all of your questions soon, but in the meantime I’ll share my experience.

I found that with Weather Network selected, it would not necessarily properly report precipitation for my particular location. I believe it’s due to the fact that sometimes precipitation can vary significantly within relatively short distances. So you may have more (or less) actual precipitation at your house than is reported by the Weather Network.

When I switched from Weather Network to a Personal Weather Station, I found that to be more accurate. But you do have to be careful that the PWS you choose is properly maintained and reporting. When I selected the PWS closest to my house, I observed it was down at times, or not reporting correctly. Then I tried a PWS just a little further away from my house, and it seems to reporting more accurately.

Some people choose to have their own PWS to get the most accurate data, but personally I’m not interested in the time and expense of setting that up and maintaining it. I’m okay with the PWS I’ve chosen, but I do occasionally check on it to see that it is online and reporting.

I think we just have to realize that Rachio is only as good as the data it receives, be it from the Weather Network or Personal Weather Station.

I have the same thing too. I switched to a neighbor’s PWS that is less than 1/10th a mile away to get more accurate precipitation than the weather network. It seems to be more accurate, especially during the monsoon season here in Arizona.