In zone delay

I have a shallow well for my irrigation, one zone has five heads and is up hill so it takes a couple of minutes to fill the lines before the heads pop up. However, sometimes there isn’t enough pressure to pop them up. I need to have the zone come on for two minutes, shut off to let the well bump build pressure, and then have the zone come back on. So this is 1 zone, not an intra zone delay.

Support suggested I look at IFTTT, not sure if anyone else has used this or not and would have an example.

If you have an unused zone on your controller, just wire two zone outputs to the same valve. Configure the controller to run the first zone for two minute, then delay as desired (soak, dummy zone, etc.) then the second zone for desired watering time.

If this won’t work for you, provide details; there are several other options.

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That worked. Thank you. I took a wire and connected it from the dummy zone to the zone I wanted the delay. I now have dummy come on for two minutes and then the zone I want to water with a 2 minute cycle/soak delay in between.