In Anticipation of Flow Meter Arriving

Hello…first time post after hanging around here the last couple weeks after installing Rachio 3.

My back flow preventer is the horizontal type, installed very close to the ground. So today, I raised it about 24" providing the pipe length I need to install the flow meter when it arrives.

But I feel like I need to ‘strap’ the pipes to the wall, as there is movement now whereas before there was none because there was very little exposed pipe.

What do you guys use to strap the plumbing to a masonry wall. The pipes C.L. are about 6.5" away from the wall.

Would install after I get the Flow Meter installed, of course.

I have pictures, and will try to attach or upload.


And if the image uploads, those marks on the right side pipe are where I need to cut for the Flow Meter.


You could drive some rebar down along side each of the pipes and strap the pipe to that rather than attaching something to your house just make sure their are no wires or other obstructions in that location.