Improvement design flow meter: longer side tube sizes

I’m no engineer, but is there a specific reason for the current lenght of the flow meter pipes?
Current lenght is for a large group of fitting too short (really by a half inch!). Getting shark bites is much more expensive (and harder to get). If you would produce the pipes just half inch-1 inch longer, this would greatly improve installation options. Both in usable material And price! Basically the basic standard connectors you use for your standard pipes can then be used for also the flow meter, which makes way more sense. Pictures of connector added.
Note: my hassle got bigger because first i wanted a pex system, then changed to pvc. Which meant i could throw away my then bought shark bite from… while all along i could otherwise just grab a standard connector of which i have plenty and finish the system quicker.image image

could i get a response of the development team?

As you know with generation 1 hardware some tradeoffs are made. This is great feedback and I will definitely get it to our engineering team.



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@franz I’m on the wait list for the availability of the flow meters. Your comment RE Gen 1 hardware is making me wonder if there is a connection between the current extended unavailability of the meters, and the possible release of a Gen 2 version.

I have a kind of tight situation with the install, and concerned that if any dimensional changes are made to the meter, which might change the installation procedure, it may cause some problems in my case.

The flow meter is not dimensionally changing.


Thanks @franz. That’s good news. I’ll go back to eagerly, but patiently waiting for them to be available again.