Improved irrigation wire connectors on Rachio

Currently have a Gen 2 which I’ve had to move around a few times due to renos.

The wire pin connectors which you depress to slot the wires in are temperamental when played with multiple times which is what seems to be causing connection faults to the valves at my place. Seems they don’t ‘grab’ as well with over use.

Recommendation would be to go with something a little more robust.

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I would recommend cutting and stripping a bit of the existing wire, otherwise I like to clean the tips with a fine grit sandpaper in able to remove any oxidation.

Be sure that the wire that you are inserting is straight and has no bends or kinks. The kinks tend to make the wire clamps perform a bit out of the norm.

Unfortunately the problem I have is one of the pins is jammed in (and wont release the clasp) and some of the others aren’t that tight.

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Ahhh. Now I understand. Any of the controllers with the push lock mechanisms are not really intended to be moved with any degree of frequency.

They are designed to be set up and left in place. Frequent moving is not recommended.

You may want to insert a 3 or 4 inch piece of 14awg solid wire and then connect the 18awg station wire with an orange or small blue wire nut in order to regain a positive level of connectivity and conduction.

I figured as much, but there are other mechanisms which would have lasted a bit longer than three shifts in location.

Hopefully the Gen 3 / 4 have / will have a different set up.

I guess I’m going to have to try something like you mentioned otherwise the unit is not going to be reliable.

@Dukebox Gen 3 has a brand new wire bay that feels like butter :wink:


Which I’d love to buy @franz but it can’t be used in Australia :frowning:

I have sent a note to support as it looks like the wiring bay on the Gen 2 can be slid off the circuit board. I’m wondering if I can just buy them as a replacement locally.

Feeling sad for my functional Gen 2 which is being let down by the wiring bay.

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