Important need for freeze shutdowm

Other wifi smart controllers on the market will not water when the linked weather station or weather predictions show a freeze in the future. I dont believe Rachio will do this and I am disappointed. I believe this has been mentioned a number of times.
Why can’t you send an update for this feature.

Hey @robertokc-

We do offer freeze skip, but I am pretty sure you are running a flex schedule which does not have this option. While flex should in theory not run during a freeze, I understand your concern that there is not a more defined “block” here. I will relay your feedback to the team!

McKynzee :rachio:

I hope they can fix it. I am keeping my sprinkler system disabled until I can get an Irritrol wireless rain freeze sensor.

Use IFTTT to set a rain skip while waiting on the feature.

I’ll check this out. Hope it’s not too hard to figure out.

Here is where someone else mentioned the same thing:

I did not see this option, but I was able to set it not to water below 32 degrees. To keep my winter water averaging low for sewer charges, I have my controller on standby. Thanks.

I’m on flexible and I get a rain sensor activated message when the weather gets cold (~40F?).

@rbeck, what you are seeing is normal, though poorly phrased. Often the rain sensors incorporate a freeze protection switch as well. Basically they are activated by Rain or Low temperature to achieve the same thing (prevent irrigation). Because the signal looks identical to Rachio, user interface calls it a Rain sensor (because this is what it usually is), but more accurately UI should call it “rain or freeze sensor is activated”. No matter what, you are protected even if the message has caused some confusion.

I wasn’t aware that this signal was indeed coming from my rain sensor. I thought it was Rachio using that as an alternative description of freeze protection.


I downloaded the IFTTT app and they have a feature to halt watering if temperature falls below 32 degrees. There quite a few other choices, too. Very easy and accurate. But it’s December and I’ve turned off my irrigation.

Huh… My Flex Daily schedule will skip a watering on its own if the predicted temperature is freezing.

For some reason I’m not getting notifications. I have checked my phone settings and Rachio is allowed. Any ideas?