Import and Export Device Settings

I’m not sure if this suggestion was already posted, but i would find it real helpful if the Rachio mobile app had a feature to back up your device settings. Let say that your device decided to act up and was having issues getting back up online and the only option you had left was to do a factory reset. I know that some of us don’t mind taking the time and going through setting up all 8 or 16 zones with your water schedule, but i can find it time consuming. I could find this feature being useful were a user could just restore their most current device settings and your done. Of course you will still have to go through the process of connecting your device to your WiFi, but after that the rest will be a breeze. Does anyone agree that Rachio mobile app should have this feature for their future update?



@abentzlin I think in the scenario that you mentioned you would be OK, as the settings are stored on the Rachio servers. I believe all settings and schedules would be loaded back in from the servers when you signed into your reset phone and Rachio app., with the same account information that you had setup previously.

However, I would still love to see a backup/export option, even if the backup settings were maintained on the servers. It would allow you to revert to a previously good set of values if you accidentally made some changes, or made changes intentionally but you decided the older ones were better.


I would like to double down on what @abentzlin and @azdavidr are stipulating. Being only 30 days into my rachio experience, I am really impressed with the willingness of the experienced users to assist newbies setting things up right. Rightfully so, these coaches often need comprehensive information to help, which is painful to cut and paste in such an advanced environment.

Therefore, I suggest to the rachio team (@benblackmer ?) to create an “all settings export/import” function, which would allow us to create an excel file for diagnostic purposes, but also, as mentioned by others, to have a local back up for disaster recovery. The export function already exists for water usage history.

While on the topic, it would also be great if the Watering History window below the calendar could be downloaded, or at least resized, as scrolling through the all the entries of one mornings watering in this small fixed window is very cumbersome.

This package allows to tweak so many parameters, that we might occasionally wander off the reservation trying to optimize our specific situation and create a conflicting parameter set with unintended consequences. An experienced pair of eyes might catch it and bring us back seeing all the settings…

Thanks for a great product and great community support!


Put me in that camp. Not so much for backup as to be able to see all the settings in one place. It’s a bit of a pain to go from zone to zone to see how they are dialed-in, and being able to simply export a table of all zone settings to view in Excel would be really helpful.


I would love this option right now. I found this post when searching for a way to export/import my settings. My Rachio Gen 2 died after only a couple of months. I just received my replacement controller under warranty (thank you support), but now I just realized I will have to recreate all my settings. I can’t be the only person that has had to replace a failed controller.


@scotty454 I don’t think you should need to recreate settings. If you attach your existing account to the new device I would think it should be fine. I’m sure support could guide you or intervene if necessary.

Once I realized I could add another device from the app and not from my desktop (which I was using for this), I thought I was good to go. Turns out it I still have to recreate all my zones and watering schedules.

@scotty454 Did you try support ? I know that they can transfer existing accounts & associates settings over to new homeowners, but maybe it’s a different story with new hardware.

Yes, they told me to “make notes” about my current settings before deleting my old device.

@scotty454 They I agree 100% with your original post. I was under the impression that they could be transferred. Thanks for clarifying that !

Having a means to backup configuration information locally is a common feature amongst commercial networked thermostats. It’s just too tedious to put in all of the thermostat set point and schedule information, including variations for cooling, heating and ventilation.

Likewise I too would appreciate the same capability with the Rachio.

Since the Rachio is not an internet appliance, as someone earlier pointed out, all of the zone settings can be obtained from Rachio.

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