Impact Sprinklers in Front Yard - Brown Grass

I know there are issue with having an impact sprinkler head option when setting up the zone but is there a good way to bump up the amount of water the zone is getting without trying to measure the flow rate with little cups around the yard?

Increasing the watering duration on the schedule would be the simplest. If you want the software to build a schedule with higher durations, lower the nozzle inches per hour on advanced settings. When building a schedule our software will take the lower nozzle rate and increase the recommended duration.

That is what I did. I bumped it down from 1 to 0.9, not sure how much of a difference it will make. I do have the little measuring cups and did that for one half of the lawn. Nine cups got a total of 1.25” for fifteen minutes on that side of the yard. Doing the other side now but it’s greener and gets more shade. Maybe I’ll break them up into two zones this winter.

So that is like 0.14 inches averaged and only for 15 minutes, so about ½” and inch an hour? I should change the nozzle rate to 0.55?