I'm looking for rachio 2 gen fcc id

Hi I’m from Israel. I imported rachio 2 from usa. The office for communication asking me for fcc id.
Iasked rachio but they don’t answer me yet.
Do you know where i can get one?

Gen 2 uses a 3rd party wireless module, provided by AzureWave Technologies, Inc, thus Rachio did not have to undergo FCC certification themselves (module already had one). Here is a photo of one of the units opened up:

FCC ID for the module, and thus Gen 2 Rachio is TLZ-CU288

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Hi Gene,
Following up on the previous question, also from Israel. Am thinking of importing a Rachio 3e as the 3 is banned here (900Mhz issue) and will require the FCC ID for an import permit. I found the one for the 3 but not the 3e, can you assist?

Much appreciated,

3e is using the same FFC ID as the Gen 3, it is simply missing hardware associated with the 900Mhz band. Because the area associated with the WiFi was not changed, Rachio did not have to undergo separate testing.

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Thank’s Gene,
Now all I have to do is convince the customs agent of this. And as customs agents in Israel go, alien visitation will be an easier sell.
The reason I am aiming for the 3e is my Google MESH WiFi which I understand might not play nice with the Gen2. There is also the issue of my home weather station (WU id: ICENTRAL116) which I understood Gen3 is compatible with.


I’d recommend Gen 2 over 3e. Some posts seem to indicate that it can work with Google mesh as long as you use iOS device during setup. Worst case scenario you may be able to add a cheap 2.4Ghz repeater, something similar to this (link), to create a dedicated Rachio network.

As far as using a WU station with Gen 2 controller, we can add your data to pwsweather and you’ll have no issue using it with a Gen 2 controller.

Thanks for the info and Support Gene!

I have just ordered a Gen 2 and when it arrives I will re-contact you for the pwsweather issue.

All the best,

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Hi Gene,
GEN2 arrived at customs and though I provided the FCCID grant document for the AzureWave Technologies TLZ-CU288 as well as pics of the 8ZUL-B board where the chip is visible, they are still denying me an import license.

I think that an official document from RACHIO clarifying this point with pictures of both sides of the board (the side where the WIFI chip is visible does not show the RACHIO model number) might do the trick.

Do you have a contact person in Rachio that might be able to help me with this?



@franz, is this something you could help with?
Perhaps a new article at support.rachio.com which makes it official that Gen 2 uses a WiFi module with appropriate FCC ID

Hi Gene,
No reaction from Franz…if I don’t provide documentation to customs within a few days they will go ahead and destroy the unit, bummer!


That is a bummer, alas I do not have any way to provide any official documentation (I’m just a member, same as you). You could try contacting support team via the phone:

and/or email support@rachio.com

Hey Gene,
Support were very forthcoming but were unable to help with providing a simple spec document. I went ahead and made one myself from the GEN2 specs article. Customs happily accepted that document and released the goods, go figure. The unit arrived yesterday noon and was installed and running an hour later!

I wanted to thank you once more for your help and support.
I am attaching the PDF I created in case anyone might need it.

Be well!
Rachio Generation 2 Tech Specs.pdf (221.8 KB)