I'm Doing Rachio 'Show & Tell' at NTREG This Saturday


This Sat. (tomorrow) I’m doing a ‘show and tell’ of the Rachio system at the North Texas Renewable Energy Group’s (NTREG - http://www.ntreg.org ) monthly meeting.

I’ll put together some presentation slides using marketing material from the Rachio site, bring with me an IroG1 (still sitting in my garage after last year’s conversion to IroG2), demo actual operation of my currently in operation IroG2 using a network connected computer (IE browser) with screen available for audience to see (and use my (Android) smart phone), and show real time and historical performance ( http://www.welserver.com/0343 ).

(BTW: While there’s not enough time to do it for tomorrow’s speech, next year I’d like to add some kind of video capability such that when I demo turning on/off a zone in front of the audience using my smart phone, I can show a live video feed aimed at the sprinkler heads for one of my zones. There are lots of smart people here. Can anyone tell me how to do this in a straightforward manner?)

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Hey Bill!
This is so so cool, I would love to see the slides you put together if there’s any way you could send them to me! Also, if you need any help with materials let me know. As for the live feed, you could probably do this with a Nest Security Cam… Not sure if there is a cheaper option…
McKynzee :rachio:


Yes, would love these slides!



Please advise an email to send them to.

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@a0128958 You can send them to mckynzee@rachio.com- thanks so much!


Mr Franz has the slides.

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@a0128958 He sent them my way, thanks so much :smile: